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    Stock code

    SSE: 603127
    HKEX: 06127

    Service Capability

    JOINN has over 25 years of experience in drug safety evaluation, and has rich experience. By adopting international (FDA, ICH) technical standards, personalized trial design, and standardized quality management (GLP), JOINN can provide evaluation reports that meet regulatory (GLP) requirements to NMPA of China, FDA of the United States, and other countries.

    About joinn

    One-stop Solutions for Your Drug Innovation
    From Early-stage R&D to Cllinical Trials
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    JOINN Medsafe Co., Ltd.
    JOINN Clinical (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    JOINN Biologics (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
    JOINN Medical Testing Laboratories (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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